How to Set Up Your Own Portal for Home Cooking

On September 1, 2015 by TheCulinare

Technology’s contribution to cooking portals

These days unlike in the past, people only resolve to one solution if they are looking for answers, the internet. Technology together with internet has brought the world to a state where anything you are looking for is somewhere in the internet.

When it comes to home cooking, the different cultures in the world contribute in diversification of recipes. If you are looking to set up a portal regardless of where you are, web designers are able to create such websites where you will be able to share your recipes with people from other regions in an aim of informing the people on tips of home cooking.

Setting up a portal

When creating the website, as a web designer there a few things you need to be looking at before the go ahead:

1.Overall Plan (Content, Audience and Size of Website)

The overall plan for the website requires you to collect data and organize it in a way that you would want it in display on the website. The content involves the numerous tips and recipes for home cooking and this should be in good organization for the visitors of your website to easily understand. The tone of the language in use should be directly to mothers who normally cook at home, therefore you should avoid use of harsh tones so that it is easier for you to attract a large number of visitors to your site.

Size of the website depends on how much content you want and how many people will be responsible for maintaining your website. A large number of content will require you to hire many people to maintain your website therefore additional costs. Choose the relevant content only to be on the website when formulating the plan and ensure the website is also not too big for you to handle.

2.Browser compatibility (Graphics)

Your website should not feature very high graphics because you are not advertising to computer wizards who have fast connections and super computers. Your audience is mainly families who may not have fast internet connections therefore use low graphics for your website to be easily enjoyable. Some of the graphics may not be displayed well in some browsers and as a web designer; this should be one of the main things you consider in this step.

3.Search engine Optimization

For your home cooking portal to thrive you need to be able to market it and this is done by Search Engine Optimization (SEOs). SEOs are ways that help your website pop up on the first set of results when visitors put certain key words in their search engines. You therefore need to frequently update your site on such matters.

Ready to Set It Up

With the few above matters at hand, your website should be up and running. These are simple things that you are able to do and make money out of your website very easily. Waste no time if you want to create your own portal and do it today.



We created this website in order to give people a recipe list that contains only recipes that are easy to prepare in addition to being nutritious and somewhat traditional in nature.

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